Lifting Waste to Energy

Lifting Waste to Energy

JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd safely handled and installed the complete combined heat and power (CHP) line at Ridham Power Plant. With numerous constraints including limited room and low ground loading restrictions, extensive planning was completed which included numerous CAD designs for the access to the building for the delivery vehicles and the configuration of the lift system to take into account the difficult structure of the plinth and the orientation of the components.

Due to the limited ground bearing, JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd produced ground loading and reaction calculations for the lifting and traveling of the components onto their respective foundation. Along with the necessary platforms and due to the limited ground loadings JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd were able to provide steel and timer navy mats to reduce the calculated ground loadings to the allowable levels.

The components were delivered directly from Europe to the site, due to this during the planning stages of the project it was highlighted that the delivery vehicles would not access the site due to site restrictions and the overall size of the delivery vehicles which have to conform with European axle loadings. JB Rawcliffe & Sons Ltd as part of the project package included the transhipment from the delivery vehicles to super short all-wheel steering modular trailers for manoeuvring on site into the offloading position.

With strategic planning, this complex project was a success, completed on time and within project parameters.

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